Five Core Values

KCC’s  Mission/Evangelism Team reaches out to a lost and dying world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people who are hurting or traditionally overlooked. This team goes beyond the walls of the church and into the community to love others, bringing them into a saving relationship with Christ. We are on Mission to evangelize our community and beyond, by serving others at the point of their needs. Through outreach, ministries, training, and a genuine concern for our community, we seek to bring others into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Interested in sharing Christ with others? Have a burning desire to see people come to Jesus? This team is for you!

The Discipleship Team focuses on the spiritual growth of followers of Jesus Christ. We help believers discover how to love God with all of your heart and how to love and serve others compassionately and creatively, where  they are, by fostering a servanthood culture. This means growing the Kingdom of God by building the capacity of people for life and ministry.  Discipleship connects people to one another, building leaders who lead by serving. If you have a heart to help people discover their God‐given passion, purpose, and place in this world, then you know where you  belong!

KCC’s Worship Team gives God the glory when leading our corporate worship services.  Worship services are our primary gathering as a body. Praise, prayer, music, offerings, and the biblical teaching of scripture are ways we bring glory to God. We give honor to God through dynamic, Christ‐centered, Spirit‐led worship and prayer. If you are blessed with the gifts of music (vocal or instrumental), or have a dramatic flair, have an interest in, or would just love to help out with the mechanics of worship: ushers, greeters, props, audio, video or computer technical skills. This is your team!

The army of God travels best on a happy tummy! Seriously, the Fellowship Team brings us together for the purpose of sharing, supporting, rejoicing, and honoring our spiritual family. Through fellowship we learn of each other’s joys and sorrows.  True fellowship doubles our joys, and divides our sorrows as we laugh with those who laugh and mourn with those who mourn. If you have the gift of hospitality or love to encourage God’s people to enjoy time together, then you belong on this

Someone has to make sure it all works: that the building is open, the bills are paid,
and all the forms and reports are provided to the board decently and in order. The Stewardship Team bears the administrative and financial responsibilities of the church, including all accounting, membership tracking, and vendor relationships in the community. This team handles all general administrative matters as they arise in an orderly and responsible manner that complements the mission, purpose and philosophy of ministry at KCC. If you have a head for organizational leadership and a heart for ministry, maybe this is your team!